CIGS Solar Cells – Get the best energy production

Green Energy Scandinavia A/S has chosen CIGS solar cells as our basic form in the construction of products for the transportation world.

CIGS Solceller

CIGS Solar Cells are energy production that utilizes the sun’s light during the bright hours of the day, with the aim of providing the best annual energy production with the best financial results.

• Aesthetics – a beautiful expression for the next 50 years.
• Ecology – Sustainable, lead-free and cadmium-free, faster EPT, Energy Payback Time.
• Quality and Duration – Certified with International quality and safety standards.
• Robust, salt and ammonia resistant, no hot spots and microcracks and 25 years of linear performance curve.

A sustainable aesthetic investment for the future – in layers of nature.

The Best Energy Production with CIGS Solar Cells

With a 180 degree solar cell angle of the sun (not just the south), better electricity generation is ensured early and late. Better utilization of energy production in bad weather with lower solar intensity.

Shadow tolerance is also important. CIGS Solar cells can produce electricity despite partial shading.

Sensitivity can be lowered due to lower temperature coefficient. It gives a good performance in both hot and cold weather and in the end CIGS Solar cells have a good Light Soaking Effect – Highest exposure to exposure to light increases customer electricity generation.

Aesthetics and sustainability

The black design is well received by both private and professional customers. The hidden mounting system ensures a comprehensive aesthetic appearance, providing beautiful roof surfaces and facades.

Sustainability is seen with a minimum consumption of raw materials – by weight, approx. 1 (mangler en betegnelse) of the raw materials for the manufacture of CIGS solar panels compared to crystalline solar panels.

In addition, the following benefits can be mentioned
• Own testing goes beyond international standards
• EU certified on behalf of RoHS – Dangerous substances restriction
• Rapid Energy Payback Time (EPT) – the time it takes for a solar panel to generate the same amount of electricity as the one used in production.

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